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Portable monitors are the perfect solution for presentations, meetings, and so much more. Here at We Got Your Back Office Solutions Inc., we carry the best portable monitors from top brands like Dell, HP, and Samsung. You can choose from a wide range of options that include everything from 12-inch models to 17-inch screens with resolutions up to 4K!

16 inch Portable monitor

We have 16 inch portable monitor with IPS/PLS. The IPS/PLS monitor is 1920*180 4K resolution and it is a portable touch screen monitor.

This 16 inch screen size has 1920*1000 pixels of resolution, which ensures that you see every detail on the screen in full HD quality. Get your hands on this high-quality item today!

2.5 k 120HZ

The BenQ GL2250 has a 2.5 k resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate, resulting in smooth graphics and video. The monitor supports IPS/PLS, which allows for wide viewing angles that reduce color shift. The 16 inch display is supported by four external speakers, so you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality sound without plugging in any headphones or external speakers.

17.3 inch Portable monitor

  • 17.3 inch Portable monitor
  • 1920×180 resolution
  • 4K resolution

This is a portable touch screen monitor for 16inch portable touch screen monitor, which is great for your company and private use.


IPS stands for in-plane switching, and it’s a type of LCD screen. It offers better color accuracy and viewing angles than TN panels, which are more commonly used in most monitors. However, IPS screens tend to have slower response times than TN panels—although not as slow as traditional CRTs. The result is that IPS screens can be used for gaming if you’re willing to sacrifice some speed for better colors and viewing angles.

In general, though, I wouldn’t recommend using an IPS panel as your sole display if you play computer games; you’ll probably want something faster (like a TN or VA panel) instead



16 inch portable touch screen monitor with 4K resolution, IPS/PLS technology, and a response time of 5ms.

4K resolution

A 4K resolution portable monitor is a display that has a horizontal resolution of at least 3840 pixels. A 2.5K portable monitor has a maximum horizontal resolution of 2560 pixels and both types have their own advantages, but the latter is more common because it can be achieved with an IPS or TN panel without requiring expensive technology such as OLED or quantum dots to be used (which would increase the price). Portable monitors are usually 16 inches in size and below, though there are larger options available if you’re looking for something more like what you’d find on your desktop computer.

portable touch screen monitor

The portable touch screen monitor is one of the most versatile devices for anyone who works on the go, whether you’re a business or home user. When it comes to choosing a monitor, there are several factors that you need to consider. First, look at your budget and decide how much money you want to spend on this piece of equipment. You want to make sure that it fits into your budget so that you don’t end up buying something too expensive for what you need it for.

Another thing that can affect your decision about which portable touch screen monitor to buy is how large or small it needs to be so it will fit into whatever space in which it’s located in generally speaking (e.g., if there’s already another device nearby). For example:

  • If I have limited desk space available right now (which means I only have room enough for one more device), then maybe I would go with something smaller than 16 inches since they tend not occupy quite as much surface area as larger ones do – but only if those other circumstances don’t prevent me from doing so either!

16inch portable touch screen monitor

  • S16T is a 16inch portable touch screen monitor.
  • The resolution of the TFT LCD panel is 1440×900 pixels, which makes it ideal for use in retirement homes and other medical facilities.
  • A touchscreen display allows you to interact with your computer and its programs directly on the screen of your monitor, rather than using a mouse or keyboard. This gives you increased flexibility over working with multiple windows at once and makes it easier to navigate through complex applications like spreadsheets or photo editing software that might otherwise require extensive training to learn how to use properly.

1920*180 monitors

1920*180 resolution

IPS/PLS technology

16 inch portable monitor

4K resolution (3840×2160) is the highest available resolution for monitors in the market today. The majority of desktop monitors come with a 4K UHD display, though it’s less common for them to be smaller than 20 inches. If you’re looking for a cheap 4k monitor, we’d recommend checking out our list of best 4k gaming monitors (most are under $300).

It’s also worth noting that this type of monitor has many benefits over traditional models such as lower power consumption and increased picture quality thanks to its high pixel density of approximately 140 ppi which makes text appear crisp and clear on screen.


Our monitors are perfect for any application and will bring your projects to life. We have many options available, including different screen sizes, resolutions, and brightness levels. You can choose from our selection of high-quality portable touch screen monitors that come in sizes ranging from 16 inches all the way up to 27 inches! All of our monitors are designed with portability in mind so that you can take them wherever you go without having trouble carrying them around or worrying about breaking something while using them.


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